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Taneen L
Great Food Option
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Wow! What a great food option to provide my family with. We ordered from SoulCountryVegan and were pleasantly surprised with a delicious meal. (My order consisted of crabcakes, eggplant, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, egg rolls and mac and cheese.) The food was five star, fresh, filling and plentiful. Three generations provided their stamp of approval and my 2 year old added that "this is soooo yummy!" Thank you Markus and Kate for providing these healthy options for our community. Health is wealth!!!!!
Amazing and Very Healthy
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Thank you for everything the food is amazing and very Healthy. I also got the Organic Protein mix and the other things you recommended this month I will be happier off medication and doing well .I will continue to let you know the progress I make and continue to order the food that is helping me to improve my life. Thank you Markus Thomas and Kate for all the advice and Markus for delivering my stuff to me .God Bless you and keep encouraging people to live a clean food Healthy choice live syle.
Tammy N
So Very Delicious
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This was our first purchase of Soul Country Vegan food and we are so very pleased with every option we chose! Our choices were Mac and Cheese, eggplant, burritos, egg rolls, and crab cakes. Everything was very fresh, crunchy when cooked, greaseless, and so very delicious! Thank you for making my vegan lifestyle a bit easier:). But, most of all, thank you for making efforts to save our animals and our planet. That means so much, more than you could know. I am going to reorder and share with my children when they visit:)
Christi S
I Choose Every Time!
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L. O. V. E. Their food!!!! Crab cakes are my absolute favorite, I'm pretty sure I could live on them for the rest of my life! Everything is so tasty! I'm not even vegan, but I would choose Soul Country Vegan food every time!!!! Such an amazing family that's owns and runs this as well! A true life mission to create tasty and healthful food! (They even give such interesting health facts on their Facebook page, you'll have to check it out!)
A+ Catering
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A huge KUDOS to SoulCountry Vegan for catering our party and totally knocking it out of the park! We ordered the ziti, the mac & cheese, the broccoli, and the crab cakes for a party of 30. The food was a big hit with everyone—even the vegan skeptics. The owners were easily accessible, they helped us plan the menu, and they even set up for us. Thank you for a great experience and for sharing your enthusiasm. We’re looking forward to working with you again! A+
Keara P
Quick and Nutritious
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Soul Country Vegan burritos are a staple in our home! We love them for a quick, nutritious dinner during busy work weeks and they are even toddler approved. 🙂 Kate and Markus are so easy to work with from placing the order to paying the invoice and even delivering to our workplaces during the day. We are happy to support this local, family-owned business and we thank the Thomas' for the delicious food (prepared with love).
Linda C
Even for Picky Eaters
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This was our first time ordering. I was looking for healthy alternatives for a very picky eater and health options for a family member. Everything was amazingly delicious. We tried the eggrolls, burritos (even a very picky son loved them), eggplant, pancakes, ziti and mac-n-cheese. The samplers are nice to try a variety. So worth trying. You will not be disappointed. Will be ordering again soon. Also very convenient. Delivered to our home. SoulCountry Vegan keep up the deliciously healthy food.
Kristin AEverything is Amazing!
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Thee most amazing business ever!!! Customer service, quality, investment, everything is soooo amazing!! My family relies on them for healthy meals! In fact, my children prefer SoulCountry Vegan to my own cooking. To be honest, even I prefer SCV to my own cooking! Love our deliveries and their family business!!

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Why Eat Vegan?

Vegan diets are being hailed as the health heroes in recent years. They are richer in nutrients, can support weight loss, help lower blood sugar levels, lower the risk of heart disease, can reduce arthritis pain, as well as help protect against certain cancers. Incorporating vegan meals into your menu is part of preventative healthcare and keeping you on the track to better overall wellness. 

Why SoulCountry Vegan?

In today’s prepared food market, it’s difficult to find meals that are quick to make and still hand-crafted with real ingredients. Add plant-based into the mix, and a family to feed, now it’s like searching for the elusive purple elephant. Almost everything in grocery stores is processed and packaged for individual use. This is what sparked the creation of SoulCountry Vegan! We offer something for families that is homemade with clean ingredients from our veggies to our water to our cookware. We make sure what is going on your plate is food without the added chemicals. We are 100% plant-based and frozen for your convenience so you can pull out what you want, when you want! If you are looking to incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet without all the time and dishes involved, you are in the right place!